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StudyLock™ is an award-winning parental control app that seamlessly encourages student learning while using their electronic devices.  It simply locks smartphones and tablets until school grade appropriate questions are answered correctly, equipping parents with an easy-to-use tool to track their child’s educational progress.


* Requires 5.5 or higher

Features In This App

Why Should I Use StudyLock™?

You need to study, but don’t have the time.

In our ever growing, fast-paced and over exerted lives, its hard to find time to study.  StudyLock™ has combined the traditional flash card method of studying  with the constantly growing interaction of cell phone usage. Now you have the ability to study while going through your normal day without setting aside specific time, making educational parenting easier from the comfort of your couch.


Avg Hours Spent on Devices Per Day (ages 8-12)


Avg Hours Spent on Devices Per Day (ages 13-17)


Avg Times Users Pick-up Their Phones Per Day


Avg Number of Devices in a Home

Flexible and Fully Customizable

StudyLock™ allows users to create and push custom questions to the app for additional personalization. By adding custom questions, users  can choose when to focus on subjects or topics that are needed for upcoming tests or exams.  StudyLock™ is also highly recommended among homeschool parents and groups for student-specific customization.

Available on all Android devices.

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How StudyLock™ Works

Education Before Device Use

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is StudyLock™?

StudyLock™ is an app that locks games, Internet, cell phone use, smartphone applications, and texting to other telephone numbers, except for predetermined emergency phone numbers. In order for the user to unlock the device, he/she must answer Common Core State Standards, (Math, Science, History and English) questions or a user uploaded custom question. Once the questions are answered the cell phone or device can be used as normal.

What platforms StudyLock™ currently supports?

StudyLock™ is currently running only on Android platforms. We are working hard to release an iOS version ASAP.

What Subjects StudyLock™ Covers?

StudyLock™ Covers Math, Science, History, Literature. We will be constantly adding new subjects.

I’ve downloaded the App, but its not working.

Having trouble? Watch this quick video on how to setup the app once downloaded.

How About the Private Data I share?

We take privacy very seriously. All the date is encrypted and we will never share any data you provided

What if My Child Must Dial an Emergency Number?

Other than 911, the parents can set 2 additional emergency numbers which the child can very easily dial at any time.

My child is currently being home-schooled. Can I use StudyLock™ to document their grades and scores?


I’m having trouble with StudyLock™

If you experience any issues or trouble with StudyLock™, please use the contact form or email us at contact@studylock.app


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